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2 days to the British Champs..

Posted by thepeteplan on November 20, 2009

A quick summary of this week’s training first:


The aim of this session was to go enough below planned 2k pace that 2k pace will feel slower on Sunday. This sort of session can be good for the confidence even when you get to a point where you can’t maintain pace (like I did) because when you feel like you’re paddling in, but still sub 2k pace, that’s got to be good. I also limited myself to a maximum of 35 strokes on each rep.

10 x 1min / 2min rest:
333m / 1:29.9 / 35
334m / 1:29.8 / 35
333m / 1:29.9 / 34
333m / 1:29.9 / 34
334m / 1:29.7 / 35
334m / 1:29.7 / 35
333m / 1:29.9 / 35
331m / 1:30.6 / 35
325m / 1:32.3 / 35
324m / 1:32.4 / 34

10mins = 3318m / 1:30.4 / 34

I probably could have held onto the pace if I allowed the rate to rise, but decided I was better off holding the rate steady, and maintaining the 35 stroke cap.

Thursday – 30mins steady, 1:51 / 23 or so.


4 x 500m / 2min rest:
1:33.9 / 32
1:33.7 / 33
1:33.3 / 33
1:32.7 / 33

Just a simple “race pace” type simulation today, and total rest tomorrow before the race on Sunday. My race time is 1040am, so although it’s going to be an early start to get up to Birmingham, the time suits me perfectly as it’s my preferred training time late morning.

As I was away with work last week, and had a cold the week before, I have played down my expectations for the race. As I’ve got back into training this week I’ve actually felt really good though. I think I’m in as good shape as I was in Grimsby when I rowed a 1:32.4 pace for the mile. I don’t think I am quite in good enough shape (physically / mentally – you need both) to row a pb at the moment, but at the same time I don’t think I’m that far off. The past few times, over the past few years, that I’ve felt in shape to break my long standing 2k pb I have tried to attack it and be on pace from the start. This isn’t how I rowed the pb though, so it’s not the best strategy I don’t think. I actually rowed the pb with the majority of the row at 1:34 pace, and a strong last 500m. So my plan for Sunday is similar starting at 1:35’s (or 1:34’s if they feel good, but no faster) for the first 1000m, aiming to get to half way with no negative thoughts. I will be content with sub 6:20, happy with sub 6:17, and extremely happy with sub 6:15. I can get sub 6:17 even if I stick to 1:35’s right to 500m to go (as long as I’m then willing to put 100% in), but for a 6:15 I will need to start picking the pace up from 750m to go. I’ll know at the time which it will be, but I think this is the most sensible race strategy rather than going all out for the pb from the start. That’s the plan anyway, adrenelin does strange things….

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  1. Greg Forbes said

    May the Force be with you.

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