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The journey to the illusive 4 x 1k…

Posted by thepeteplan on October 20, 2009

In my opinion the 4 x 1k (5min rest) session is as hard as they come in indoor rowing. Performed just 1 second slower in pace than your 2000m, they are long reps, and double the total race distance. It’s not a session to jump into lightly, and done at the proper pace I believe it is physically harder than a flat out 2k race. So the way I am building up to that fun experience is to begin with a short session:

2500m warm up = 1:53.4 / 23

1000m = 3:07.1 / 1:33.5 / 33
750m = 2:20.0 / 1:33.3 / 33
500m = 1:32.9 / 34
500m = 1:32.6 / 34

2750m = 8:32.4 / 1:33.1 / 33

Each time I do the session I will increase one rep by 250m. Next time therefore will either be 1k, 750, 750, 500 or 1k,1k,500,500, and probably the former. Whether I actually get as far as 4 x 1k before BIRC I don’t know, but it will still be a good progression with 1k reps at pace.

I thought after the long running session yesterday that my legs would feel dulled today. I knew early in the warm up that they felt strong though, and the first rep was testament to that. My initial aim for the session was 1:34, but the first rep felt good to I went that little bit faster. It was then natural to slightly negative split through the session. A good tough session, but not completely maximal.

One Response to “The journey to the illusive 4 x 1k…”

  1. Neil said

    Amen to that Pete. I did a 4 x 1k on Monday this week, with the first 3 slightly slower than my 2K pace, followed by a ‘fast last’. With 250m to go I had absolutely nothing left in the tank, and I had to paddle home through the agony. Horrible.

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