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10k, potential foreign travel, 2k thoughts

Posted by thepeteplan on October 9, 2009

Yesterday I just had a cross training day, and not a long one at that. A cardio session split between a 10min run, 20mins on the stepper and 15mins on the cross trainer, followed by a little abs work.

Today I decided to leave the gym until after work and go for a faster 10k for this month’s CTC challenge. I picked a hard but manageable pace of 1:45, but didn’t count on the mental effort after a hard week, and having not done any remotely hard middle distance work for some time. It went like this:

1k splits:
1:44.9 / 27
1:45.0 / 27
1:44.9 / 27
1:45.0 / 27
1:45.0 / 27 <– 10k seems a long way at this point
1:47.2 / 26 <– Decide that slowing is better than stopping
1:48.4 / 25
1:47.6 / 26 <– recover till the average hits 1:46.0
1:46.0 / 27 <– then hold it there
1:43.4 / 28 <– then do a slightly stronger finish

10k = 35:15.2 / 1:45.7 / 26

A completely mental thing at half way where another 5k seemed a long way to go. Slowing down and building the pace back up was definitely the better choice than simply stopping and calling it a bad day.


I have a lot of potential travel coming up over the next few months on my current work project. I don’t tend to blog about things other than training, but travel interupts training, so there is a link. The travel I will be doing will be on military aircraft, and all at short notice. It could be to a range of places, some quite a distance away. I was almost off to Cyprus this weekend, and am currently going to Gibraltar next weekend. There has been a lot of planning and training building up to the flying in this project, so it will be good to get started on the proper work. Quite how it will impact training only time will tell, but I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it won’t also impact racing and I’ll be away for BIRC.

Speaking of travel, I will also be spending Christmas and New Year in Seattle, if anyone is around in that area.

2k thoughts:

The current plan is still to do a 2k test this Sunday afternoon. Quite how that will go I don’t think I will know until I warm up and begin. I will try to get myself into the same frame of mind as I did for the mile time trial in Grimsby. I held 1:32.4 pace for 1609m, so 2000m is 391m further, and my pb pace is 1:33.0. It is definitely possible physically to beat it. I held 1:33’s for the majority of the mile, so holding 1:34’s for a large portion of the middle of the 2k should be good enough to break the pb, and make it that little bit easier to get through to the final push. I will write more tomorrow about an exact plan for the time trial.


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