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Posted by thepeteplan on October 7, 2009

It is getting to that critical time in training, with about 6 weeks to go before a major competition, where any little edge in training mentality can make a big difference. With this is mind what I am doing to try to do is prior to each of my core sessions is to blog the aims of the session so that when I log the results later there is no hiding from whether I made the aim or not.

Today the aim is for the next in the sequence of restricted rate 2k tests. It is nearly a month now since I did the 2k rate 22, which I managed a 6:45.1 / 1:41.2. As the two middle splits came out to 23spm on there I think going for the planned 2sec pace increment may be too much, but we will see.

So the session is 2k at 24spm, and the aim is 1:39.0 pace / 6:36. I will warm up for around 10mins / 3k first, then go for this 2k aiming to keep the pace right on 1:39 / 24 throughout.


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