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Recovering from the mile…

Posted by thepeteplan on October 2, 2009

I haven’t blogged my training in 5 days simply because there hasn’t been a lot of training to blog about. I had a slight lingering cold last week, and the hard mile race, inadequate nutrition and a 6 hour drive home was plenty to give my immune system the last kick it needed. I managed about 5 hours at work between Monday and Tuesday, and any visit to the gym would have been a bad idea. Wednesday I was starting to feel a lot better and did a steady 5k on the erg at around 1:52 / 24, plus a little time on the bike. Thursday a mixed cardio session including just 10mins on the erg, and a similar mixed cardio session today. I am being really careful to ease back into the training as a long period off with illness is the last thing I need this close to BIRC. I plan on a couple of steady distance erg pieces this weekend, then back into harder training from Monday.

The current plan includes a group training session a week on Sunday, and the idea for that session is the last pre – BIRC flat out 2k test (the only one too!). The idea behind this session is to go all out for a pb to take the pressure off BIRC, but that will depend whether I feel 100% recovered by about Wednesday, if not it will be a bad move to do a flat out 2k. The session will be with 3 sub6 ergers, and one guy going for his first sub 6:20, so some fast company. If I feel at least as good as I did pre Grimsby then a pb will definitely be on, as I’m certain I would have been under my 6:11.8 pb if it was a 2k last weekend, as that is 0.6 in hand on the pace with 391m to go, so the last 400m could have been down at 1:36 pace to still pb, and I wouldn’t have slowed that much! Having 2000m on the clock is a different mentality though, and it would take a fair bit of mental prep to get into the right mind set. It will be very exciting if I do feel good by mid next week to do a non competition 2k in that company, and I will put it on the line!

One Response to “Recovering from the mile…”

  1. Greg Forbes said

    I’m glad you blog these thoughts…where else on earth can you get this…I am plugging my numbers in, realising I’m closing in on the sub-7 goal…thanks for helping me to harness all the stray bits into something coherent.

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