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2 weeks of group training

Posted by thepeteplan on September 9, 2009

I’m taking part in a physiology trial at work at the moment that a couple of rowing friends are also doing, so this is giving us the opportunity of training together most days after the trial is over. Good for motivation, but spending the day time sweating in a chamber is perhaps not ideal for the performance.


30mins = 8189m / 1:49.9 / 20
5min splits:
1:52.0 / 20
1:50.8 / 20
1:49.9 / 20
1:49.4 / 21
1:49.0 / 20
1:48.3 / 20

A good solid endurance piece. Today we were less inclined to do a proper session, so instead decided on a bit of sprint play, and I tried a 250m piece for a facebook monthly challenge:

250m = 39.3 / 1:18.6 / 51
100m = 1:19.0 / 50
200m = 1:18.5 / 50
250m = 1:19.0 / 53

I then thought now I was more warmed up (I did a solid 2k warm up for this) I could go faster, it turned out 90seconds was not sufficient rest after a fast 250m sprint…

250m = 39.6 / 1:19.2 / 51
100m = 1:18.5 / 54
200m = 1:19.0 / 49
250m = 1:21.0 / 52

But not bad for a second effort. The plan for tomorrow is currently 2 x 20mins, first rate restricted, second negative splitted with increasing rate and pace.


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BIRC Progression – 2k @ 20spm

Posted by thepeteplan on September 6, 2009

With something like 11 weeks to go to BIRC I am going to do regular restricted rate 2k’s, slowly increasing the rate at which they are capped. Obviously as the rate goes up the pace will get faster. Today was round 1, 2k @ 20spm.

2k = 6:52.8 / 1:43.2 / 20
500m splits:
1:43.4 / 20
1:42.8 / 20
1:43.3 / 20
1:43.3 / 20

Pretty happy with that. You never know quite where you’ll be when you start a progression like this, and the initial aim was to just dip below 7mins, but 1:43’s felt good. The likely progression will be a 2spm increase in the rate cap each time, with a corresponding increase in pace.

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For the second day in a row…

Posted by thepeteplan on September 5, 2009

Another hour row this morning:

60mins = 16302m / 1:50.4 / 25

10min splits:

1:51.5 / 24

1:50.8 / 24

1:50.4 / 25

1:50.1 / 25

1:50.1 / 25

1:49.7 / 25

This was done on rowpro, and unfortunately I lost my wifi connection very near the start. If anyone reading this is a rowpro user you might be able to advise me. I lost my wifi connection, but the laptop reconnected perhaps 5 to 10minutes later. I thought rowpro would reconnect to the internet at some point during the row, and would update the race positions. This didn’t happen. Is there a setting on rowpro to make it try to reconnect periodically incase this happens again? If I rowpro I do it in my garage at the bottom of the garden, so the wifi signal isn’t very strong, but normally fine.

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A mile, a 250m and an hour

Posted by thepeteplan on September 4, 2009

Thursday’s training session was done with a couple of friends, so a good opportunity for some hard TT style rowing, and a first attempt and two of the month’s inter team challenges.

The CTC for September is the mile, which fits in well with a mile race in Grimsby right at the end of the month. Always good to get an early attempt it, and so it was decided to go for around a 95% effort level for this one:

1609m = 5:02.2 / 1:33.9 / 33
400m splits:
1:33.0 / 35
1:34.3 / 33
1:34.0 / 32
1:34.3 / 33

Not too bad, after a fast start pretty much level 1:34’s. I could have carried on to the end of a 2k and I think still had a push at the end, so things looking good for later in the year. This was followed by a first go at the 250m facebook challenge, after less than 500m paddle recovery.

250m = 39.6 / 1:19.2 / 55spm

I didn’t raise the drag much at all (from around 128 on the mile to 135 for the 250m), and almost certainly over-rated as the combination of low drag and high rate meant it was hard to keep up with the flywheel. Lots more to come on this if i do it fresher another day, and on a higher drag. 1:17 average perhaps?

Today then it was time to do some fairly easy distance work. I just hit “just row”, and just rowed:

60mins = 16053m / 1:52.3 / 24

An enjoyable row, 60mins doesn’t seem nearly as far when you start off not really planning to go that far. Setting 60mins and going for a flat out effort I don’t find much of an issue, but doing a low end UT1 type row for that duration always seems mentally tough. I would do what many people do and split such a row into 3 x 20mins, and perhaps should do that, but often find that I row better when I get into a rhythm and just keep going.

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