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4min C2 challenge

Posted by thepeteplan on September 23, 2009

4mins = 1305m / 1:31.9 / 35
1min splits:
1:31.4 / 36
1:32.5 / 35
1:32.8 / 34
1:30.6 / 35

My mile pb pace is 1:32.0, so that was the aim for today. I knew I had enough to get there with a minute to go, so did just enough to knock the average down to 1:31.9. So 304m left to go for the mile from here, or about 55seconds. Sunday will tell how much difference that extra 304m makes.

I’ve had a sore throat for the past 2 days, and thought I might be coming down with a cold. This was part of the reason I wanted to get a good 4min score in just in case I have further symptoms before the mile race at the weekend that stop me racing 100%. I actually don’t think it is a cold, but actually an irritation from ivy in my garden. I had to cut down a large amount of it ready for a new shed I had installed yesterday, and it always irritates by skins, and makes me cough. If it is that I guess that I need to wear a mask next time I cut it as well as gloves!

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