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Cross training and a fast 500m

Posted by thepeteplan on September 18, 2009

Thursday was a cross training today consisting of treadmill, stepper and cross trainer. I made the 20mins on the treadmill pass a little quicker by doing an interval session of sorts. 5mins at 12kph, then alternate minutes of increasing pace, and 12kph as the steady / recovery minute. Increasing pace on the harder minutes from 13kph to 16kph in 0.5 intervals, so 7 harder minutes. 15mins on the stepper and 10mins on the cross trainer to finish off.

Today was 500m day. Three of us doing them together, with the other two pretty certain of pb’s for the distance, I was happy to settle for a fast effort as I’ve done no sprint training, have a strong 500m pb, and simply didn’t think I could beat it currently.

I went first and just put the drag up to 140, with a plan of 5 hard strokes then settle to around 1:22 – 1:23.

500m = 1:22.6 / 43
100m splits:
1:20.5 / 49
1:22.0 / 44
1:23.5 / 39
1:23.0 / 43
1:24.0 / 43

This felt good! I think I underestimated my current form even over short distance as this is a fast time for me at a fairly low rate, and fairly low drag. I’m not sure if I could quite pb at the moment (1:20.6), but I think I could get within a second if I pushed it a bit harder at a slightly higher rate.

Andy went second and managed a 0.6second pb to get a 1:28.0, despite tying up quite badly in the final 150m. Al was a different matter, looked certain of a pb for the first 300m when he lost his headphones onto the rail and had to stop momentarily for Andy to retrieve them, then get back up to pace again from 1:50’s! Despite this he still did a 1:18.9, so it would have been an amazing time without the stop, perhaps low 1:17’s.

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