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Half mile reps

Posted by thepeteplan on September 15, 2009

The plan for tonight was 3 quality half mile reps with a 5min rest between. Aim for pace was planned mile pace for Grimsby. We decided to go off Andy’s 5min rest, so I set 5:10 to be roughly the same. Why do you do stupid things when your brain is starved of oxygen though?

Plan: 3 x 805m with 5min10 rest @ 1:32.0

805m = 2:28.2 / 1:32.0 / 35
805m = 2:28.2 / 1:32.0 / 34
805m = 2:28.2 / 1:32.0 / 34
805m = 2:34.8 / 1:36.1 / 32
805m = 2:37.6 / 1:37.8 / 32

12:36.9 / 4025m / 1:34.0 / 33

Now if I was sent someone’s results when I’d set them a 3 x 805m session like that I could kind of understand the 4th rep. You’ve done the planned session on target and you want to know what is left in reserve. But the 5th rep? On the 4th I decided that I’d finish off with a slightly easier rep by doing 5 hard strokes then settling to 1:35’s and see what was there in the second half. What I actually did was sprint 5 strokes to hit 1:18 pace, then went to the pressure I thought felt like 1:35’s, which turned out to be 1:39’s. I guess I was more tired than I thought. 5th rep I really don’t know why. Cruised at 1:40’s for the first half then just picked it up slowly, and it felt much nicer than rep 4.

Was it a greater training effect doing the 4th and 5th rep and seeing what was left when I was pretty exhausted all over, or would it have been more sensible to stop at 3? The first 3 were right on target, so it was a successful session. Was the 4th rep slower than it could have been because mentally the session was over?

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