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2k @ 22spm

Posted by thepeteplan on September 12, 2009

I did a 2k @ 20spm last weekend (6:52.8 / 1:43.2 / 20), so decided that a good quick session before dinner today would be the next in the sequence. Aim on these sessions is to try to get roughly a 2sec better pace as I go up the rate by 2spm.

2k = 6:45.1 / 1:41.2 / 22
500m splits:
1:41.5 / 22
1:40.8 / 23
1:41.1 / 23
1:41.8 / 22

I was counting 22 strokes each minute, so I’m pretty sure I was within a stroke of two of being exactly 22spm for the distance, despite two of the splits coming out at 23 on the PM4.

Next up with be 2k @ 24spm, aiming for around 6:38. After that I might go for an intermediate target that I gave to a couple of other people to do 1500m @ 24spm as on the 2k @ 24, then free rate for the final 500m, and see what time that gives, before going for a 26spm 2k.

I am trying not to extend the stroke on these to get more pace, so just using a normal stroke, which makes me more confident of keeping up the pace increases for a few more steps. I don’t expect to keep the 2sec pace increase with every 2spm increase all the way up, but would be nice to do something along the lines of:

Done: 20spm = 1:43.2
Done: 22spm = 1:41.2
Target: 24spm = 1:39.2 (6:38)
Target: 26spm = 1:37.5 (6:30)
Target: 28spm = 1:36.5 (6:26)
Target: 30spm = 1:35.5 (6:22)

With those targets down on paper I can then look back and see how I do each step, and whether I might be able to exceed any of them, or revise them slower.

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