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BIRC Progression – 2k @ 20spm

Posted by thepeteplan on September 6, 2009

With something like 11 weeks to go to BIRC I am going to do regular restricted rate 2k’s, slowly increasing the rate at which they are capped. Obviously as the rate goes up the pace will get faster. Today was round 1, 2k @ 20spm.

2k = 6:52.8 / 1:43.2 / 20
500m splits:
1:43.4 / 20
1:42.8 / 20
1:43.3 / 20
1:43.3 / 20

Pretty happy with that. You never know quite where you’ll be when you start a progression like this, and the initial aim was to just dip below 7mins, but 1:43’s felt good. The likely progression will be a 2spm increase in the rate cap each time, with a corresponding increase in pace.

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