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10k fast – handle down!

Posted by thepeteplan on August 21, 2009

Only metaphorically speaking of course. Plan was for a solid 10k starting at 1:45’s and gently negative splitting over the distance. 1k splits went as follows:

1:44.1/27 – took a while to settle, but did eventually settle on 1:45’s
1:44.9/27 – still steady at 1:45’s and feeling good
1:44.1/28 – negative splitting going fine, but can really feel that CTC in my legs now
1:44.3/27 – I really can’t see the next 5k getting gradually faster, so…
1:49.5/25 – the metaphorical handle down, backing right off the pace
1:48.1/26 – plan now to neg split again from there after recovering nicely
1:45.7/28 – not far to go now, so try to make it a respectable time
1:41.3/29 – good to be finished

10k = 35:07.1 / 1:45.3 / 27

I think more than anything it’s my mental strength I used up on Tuesday on the CTC. I backed off the pace, but not really enough to recover as much as it felt like I did. Solid 10k I guess anyway, with rather unconventional pacing.

Stepper, abs and some swimming to finish off the session.

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