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August CTC attempt 1

Posted by thepeteplan on August 3, 2009

An interesting session this month’s CTC. I think if you pace it too fast on the 3k the first time and make it really hard on the 2k and 1k you’re not going to be all that motivated to want to go through it again.

3k = 10:05.9 / 1:40.9 / 29
2min rest
2k = 6:41.1 / 1:40.2 / 30
2min rest
1k = 3:14.8 / 1:37.4 / 31

Totals: 6k = 20:01.7 / 1:40.1 / 30

If people get really motivated and try this session a few times this month I think there could be a lot of people pb’ing their 5k’s at the end of the month. Doing the first 3k slightly within yourself I think is the key to a fast 5k, and so this is great practice for getting that portion of a 5k right.

There is obviously no point on this session in pushing the end of either the 3k or 2k to make some arbitrary time, because you will lose more on the 1k – just accept whatever time you’re on for on those first two reps and save it for a fast last 1k.

One Response to “August CTC attempt 1”

  1. John Stock said

    Hi Pete

    It amazes me how you can produce such high quality training day in day out with no apparent burn out.




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