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Posted by thepeteplan on July 22, 2009

Tuesday 21st July:

2k warm up

250m = 44.6 / 1:29.2 / 39
500m = 1:31.1 / 38
750m = 2:18.3 / 1:32.2 / 35
500m = 1:32.4 / 35
250m = 44.5 / 1:29.0 / 38

6:51.0 = 2250m / 1:31.3 / 37

I was looking for the improvement on the middle 3 reps. Afterall, a 1sec improvement in pace on the 750 is worth 3 on one of the 250’s. Looking back at my first attempt on 4th July the first 250m was the same rate but 0.6 faster on the pace – all good. The first 500m is where I went wrong – it was 0.8 faster pace this time, but over rated at 3spm higher. The 750m was then solid, and where it mattered, 0.6 faster on the split for 1more spm. When the going got really tough on the second 500m I think I wimped out a bit though, this is where rate could have helped. 0.5 slower pace than last time, so losing a lot of the advantage gained in the over-rated first 500m. The final 250 was a second slower in pace, when it should have been sprinted at much higher rate. No excuse for that, I didn’t give it 100%. Final time a massive 0.8seconds faster!

Monday 20th July:

Rowpro 30mins:-

30mins = 8583m / 1:44.9 / 27
5min splits:
1:45.1 / 27
1:45.0 / 27
1:45.0 / 27
1:44.9 / 26
1:45.0 / 27
1:44.2 / 27

Sunday 19th July:

Rowpro 60mins:-

0-10mins = 1:51.8 / 24

I set off at 1:54’s, but the monitor was so dull I couldn’t see the average split, and Skene was pulling out to an 18m lead already, so what else can you do?

10-20mins = 1:50.0 / 24

I couldn’t help but want to reel that lead back in – what is it with rowpro and your plan going out the window?

20-30mins = 1:49.6 / 25

Into the lead now, and luckily Skenester is sticking to his planned splits and not chasing me along, otherwise I’d have had to keep speeding up.

30-40mins = 1:49.6 / 25

Almost looks like deliberate consistency now – all I can see if the actual split I’m pulling on the laptop though. Not starting to give myself targets of how far ahead of Nick and Pete I want to finish. Damn that competitiveness.

40-50mins = 1:49.1 / 25

Can’t see my average split, and 60min arithmetic isn’t easy. I know Nick is targetting 16k, so that gives me a good idea what sort of distance I’m on for. I wonder how fast I need to go for 16500m?

50-60mins = 1:46.2 / 27

Totals = 16459m / 1:49.4 / 25

Not fast enough for the 16.5k. I knew it wasn’t on as it was simple to work it out when it got to 2k to go (ie 14500m) as to what time was left. More than I was willing to give this morning just for an arbitrary distance.

Overall a good row, and further than I would have done without the rowpro company.

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