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Map and timetable, Farnborough 5k

Posted by thepeteplan on May 22, 2009

Map: (right click – “save picture as” if you want to save it to print)

Farnborough 5k Map

Race timetable:

1100 – MH60, MH30 (heat1), MH40 (heat1)
Thomas Yule (60+)
Gerry Keating (60+)
Ian Howse (30+)
Graham Lay (30+)
Nick Marvin (30+)
Dave Speed (30+)
Richard Davey (40+)
David Taylor (40+)

1130 – WH50
Jackie Hicks
Carole Woodward
Georgina Price
Marjorie Roome
Kay Hughes
Heather Yule

1200 – ML20, ML30, ML40
Vincent Brunning (20+)
Julian Norton (30+)
Paul Tullet (40+)
David Plumb (40+)
Andrew Baines (40+)
Kevin Reeves (40+)
Jef Hutchby (40+)
Dougie Lawson (40+)

1245 – WH40, WL40
Carol Lovell
Susan Young
Helen Haggerty
Kelly Sapsford (L)

1315 – MH20, MH30 (heat2)
Rich Blagrove (20+)
Pete Marston (30+)
Ray Lawrence (30+)
Andy Burrows (30+)
Nick Drury (30+)

1345 – WH30
Emma Coone
Hannah Hawkins
Jen Howse
Lindsey Hewitt
Cath Haines

1430 – MH40
Tim Pike
Paul McNeil
Rick Duffield
Steve Smith
Ant Stansbie
Paul Gould
Andrew Stanway

1500 – MH70, ML50, ML60
Roger Bangay (70+)
Charles Morley (70+)
Brian Garner (50+)
Michael Brownjohn (60+)
Joe Keating (60+)
Alan Gilmour (60+)
Chris Hore (60+)

1530 – M50
Richard Cheeseman
William Konarzewski
Rod Chinn
Jeremy Askem
Bruce WIlliamson
Andy Osborn

Registration will be open by 1030am, though the lightweights racing in the 1200 race can weigh in up to 2 hours before their race, from 10am. Other than weigh in registration will simply be ticking your name off the list so we know people have arrived. For the other lightweight races as normal you can weigh in up to 2 hours before your race.

When you arrive at the hotel the gym reception is to the right of the main hotel reception as you go in the front door, and you will have to fill in a form there to enter the gym. If possible I will try to post this form if I can get hold of it before so you can bring it with you ready filled out to save you time. It is just a normal gym visitor type disclaimer form they want us to fill out.

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