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10 days off

Posted by thepeteplan on May 14, 2009

I had an enforced 10days off the erg from 1st to 10th May as I was attending a conference in Seattle. The hotel I was staying in did have a fairly good gym, but no ergs unfortunately. I went to a 90min Bikram yoga class on the Saturday, which was surprisingly tough, and made the mistake of doing some body weight squats on the Tuesday which stopped me doing any other exercise for the week. I thought it would be a good leg workout to simulate a 2k by doing 200 deep body weight squats. I didn’t time it, but it is probably similar in duration to a 2k, as well as being similar to the number of strokes taken. It would fairly tough, but manageable. The DOMS for the next 4 days made stairs difficult and walking wasn’t even the most comfortable experience!

The morning before I flew to Seattle I did an initial 5k for the CTC:
5k = 16:59.1 / 1:41.9 / 29

With 1k splits of : 1:41.8, 1:42.6, 1:42.7, 1:42.4, 1:39.9

Since coming back I have done the following:

Monday 11th:

10k = 36:37.7 / 1:49.8

Tuesday 12th:

10k = 36:10.4 / 1:48.5

Wednesday 13th:

12 x 500m / 1R:
1:39.8 / 30
1:39.8 / 31
1:39.7 / 31
1:39.7 / 31
1:39.6 / 31
1:39.7 / 31
1:39.5 / 31
1:39.1 / 31
1:39.2 / 31
1:39.1 / 31
1:39.1 / 31
1:38.7 / 31

6k = 19:53.0 / 1:39.4 / 31

Thursday 14th:

10k = 37:24.9 /1:52.2 / 25

Today’s 10k was fairly slow as I was feeling tired and just wanted a nice easy row. Also I was in the work gym which with no aircon and high humidity it a really sweaty place to train.

Just over 2 weeks to go before the Farnborough 5k, and entries close at the beginning on next week, so get your forms off this week or you could be too late! Rowpro entries are building too.

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