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6k (CTC)

Posted by thepeteplan on April 29, 2009

The cross team challenge this month is 6000m.

I have a look at the CTC table mid morning and decided to have another go at the challenge before the end of the month to get ahead of a couple of close rivals. One had done a 1:43.0 average, and the other a 1:42.8 average pace. The plan was simple – row exactly 1:43.0 pace until in sight of the finish line then speed up to pip the 1:42.8 average. It all went very well to plan, or so I thought:

6k = 20:33.3 / 1:42.7 / 29
1k splits:
1:43.0 / 29
1:43.0 / 29
1:43.0 / 29
1:43.0 / 29
1:43.0 / 29
1:41.6 / 30

What I had forgotten to take into account is that the CTC website uses slightly odd arithmetic (or perhaps rather than PM3 does), and so my 1:42.7 average was rounded to 1:42.8, and in fact I missed out on the second guys time I was aiming to beat by just one tenth of a second! That will teach me for trying to beat it with the minimal effort possible! There is still one more day of the month left, so don’t be too surprised if I do a 6k again tomorrow lunchtime!

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