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Posted by thepeteplan on April 27, 2009

As I am off to the US on Friday for a work conference I want to make the training this week count, just in case I don’t get much (or any) in for the 8 days I’m away. For today’s session I decided to try out a few things with my technique that I picked up from the course yesterday, and from watching Tim on the erg. Therefore I started the session at a low (for me) rate, and gradually increased both rate and pace through the session.

5k = 18:17.1 / 1:49.7 / 21
4k = 14:24.3 / 1:48.0 / 23
3k = 10:39.0 / 1:46.5 / 24
2k = 6:47.1 / 1:41.7 / 26
1k = 3:19.6 / 1:39.8 / 29

Totals: 15k = 53:27.0 / 1:46.9 / 24

The main thing I was concentrating on was the finish of the stroke. I don’t have good hamstring flexibility, and as I discovered yesterday also not very balanced flexibility between left and right, which means I struggle “rocking forwards” at the hips after the finish. It is tough trying to change ingrained technique from many millions of metres. The main thing I was trying to do differently today though was to mimic the upper body movement pattern that Tim, and other top lightweights that I’ve seen on the erg before like Tom Kay, Eskild Ebbesen and Henrik do. In essence, I don’t think I normally (aside from sprinting) finish off the stroke very strongly. I don’t think I use my lats nearly enough. My mimicry today was an effort to begin rectifying that.

All in all a very solid session I think. The first 3 reps (so 12k) felt pretty comfortable, so I decided to push the 2k a bit harder, then the 1k a bit harder still. With a 1k warm up and 1k warm down the session today was 17k, so a good day’s work.


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Back to school

Posted by thepeteplan on April 27, 2009

I have trained since my last blog entry, though no sessions of any great note. Thursday evening was a hard fought 4 x 1350m (4r) session with paces between 1:39.7 and 1:39.9, hard fought only due to poor nutritional timing that meant doing the session soon after dinner. Friday was a steady 10k at around 1:50/24. I took a rest day on Saturday in preparation for a long day on Sunday.

Back to school:

I have been officially doing remote coaching for indoor rowers for around 15months now, and providing some training advice to certain people for quite some time before that. I decided it was about time I sat the official concept2 instructors course! This was partly prompted by wanting to take the crew class instructors course, for which you must have completed the standard instructors course first. As luck would have it I managed to arrange to do the two courses back to back on the same day, which meant a long day at the Tideway Scullers school yesterday. This was only possible as we had a very small group (3 for the instructors course, 2 for the crew class course), were all fairly experienced concept2 users, and had a very experienced instructor.

So it was a 5.30am start from home to arrive in London by 6.30am for the start of the instructors course, then with a short break in the middle it was on to the crew class course in the afternoon to finish a little before 6pm. I had thought of the instructors course as a “tick in the box” activity to add a bit more credibility to my coaching, but thanks to a very experienced rower and coach teaching the course there was a lot to learn that can be applied to both my own training, and that of the people I coach. The crew class course was very good too, and it seems like it will be a great way to promote the benefits of indoor rowing within the gyms I use. All in all a very worthwhile day.

Training this week:

I am flying off to the US for a work conference for a week on Friday, so training time will be almost non-existant, and I don’t know whether the hotel gym will have an erg. To me that means 5 days of good solid training between now and then so that I don’t feel guilty if I do end up with 8 days off the erg.

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