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Farnborough 5k and online entries

Posted by thepeteplan on April 15, 2009

Training first:

I’ve had a cold all weekend so training has been a little sparse, just two sessions to report over the past couple of days:


30mins = 8491m / 1:46.0 / 27spm


10k = 37:24.7 / 1:52.2 / 25spm

Tuesday’s row was done on rowpro in my back garden with 3 others. DC, one of the guys I coach, going for a 30min personal best in London, another guy in UK, and someone in the US. I acted as pace maker for DC and we got him to a strong pb by over 100m – I never like getting beaten by people I coach (well, by anyone really) so I did beat him by 9m. Today’s 10k was done in the gym, more about that below.

Farnborough 5k – online entries:

We have decided to allow online (rowpro) entries for the Farnborough 5k race. At this stage online entries are solely for overseas competitors (ie not people who live in England, Scotland or Wales). If we reach the entry limit for venue racers then I will consider opening up the rowpro entries to anyone.

Online races are fine, I can set them up as complete independent races and have no interaction with them from the venue. Ideally I would like to be able to broadcast the races live as they happen in the venue though, so I have been experimenting with how to do this.  There is no “spectator” view in rowpro, so to watch a race you have to row in it. This means having someone row in each rowpro race in order to see it within the venue. Internet in the gym is then the problem. I have (vodafone) mobile internet which works fine within the venue, but it won’t allow me to connect to the rowpro race server. The hotel has wifi, but it doesn’t work in the gym. Therefore my only option is to find out how to get the mobile internet to allow me to connect to the rowpro race server – if anyone knows how to do this please email me.

Farnborough 5k general:

Entries are coming in for the racing now, and a number of people have already booked to stay in the hotel on the Saturday night. I realise the room rate on the website has changed from £59 to £79 B&B now, so I will try to get a booking code from the hotel to make sure everyone who wants to book into the hotel gets their room for £59. Email me if you’re booking / have booked.

I have bought some great 1st place prizes – different from anything you’ve got at an erg race before. I may post something here about what the prizes are so watch this space. Prizes also for 2nd and 3rd, as well as race certificates for all.

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