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6k erg + press ups

Posted by thepeteplan on April 11, 2009

Yesterday was time to have a second go at this month’s 6k cross team challenge (CTC). Instead of going for a small improvement on the 1:43.7 pace I already had on the board for the 6k I went off for a much faster time, then got put off after 2k by a guy on the next erg doing 1min reps with bad technique. It’s amazing how something like that can break your concentration and slow you down.

6k = 20:38.6 / 1:43.2 / 28

1k splits:
1:41.3 / 30
1:42.6 / 29
1:43.4 / 28
1:45.0 / 28
1:44.7 / 28
1:42.2 / 29

Then finished off with 65 Jamie’s and 20 Waddell’s. I had a few minutes spare so decided to do the next session of the 100 press ups challenge

The unfortunate thing is that I forgot to write in my training diary what the second session was, so had to guess. I got it wrong. I knew it was 5 sets with 90sec rest between, but got the reps pretty wrong this time.

Set 1 = 15 reps (target 10, oops)

Set 2 = 12 reps (target 12)

Set 3 = 8 reps (target 8.)

Set 4 = 8 reps (target 8.)

Set 5 = 8 reps (target 12+)

So it was the 5 additional reps on set 1 that caused the loss of at least 4 reps on set 5.

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