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C2 challenge, final attempt?

Posted by thepeteplan on March 15, 2009

On Saturday I decided to have another attempt at the 16min19 concept2 challenge. Last time I negative splitted to a 1:44.1 average, this time I decided I wanted to go under 1:42 (the equivalent of a sub 17min for 5k) throughout.

1k warm up = 1:52.5 / 24

16min19sec = 4820m / 1:41.5 / 29

4min splits:
1:41.7 / 29
1:41.7 / 29
1:42.0 / 29
1:41.1 / 29
1:36.9 / 32 (last 19sec)

From the way this felt I think I’m about in shape to go under 1:40 for a 5k at the moment, which is great news with a couple of months prep work before the 5k competition in Farnborough on 30th May. Now I just need to hope that the hotel confirm with me this week that the room is booked so arrangements for the competition can go ahead.

Sunday just a short session:

20mins = 5386m / 1:51.3 / 24
90sec rest
20mins = 5390m / 1:51.3 / 24

I was tired, so did less than planned.

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