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Staying one step ahead

Posted by thepeteplan on March 10, 2009

Training Saturday:

1 hour Body Balance class

12 lengths swim

2k warm up = 1:56.0 / 24

Concept2 challenge series:

16:19.0 = 4701m / 1:44.1 / 29
4min splits:
1:45.7 / 27
1:44.8 / 28
1:43.9 / 29
1:42.8 / 29
1:34.0 / 31

I started off Saturday by trying out a Body Balance class at the gym. It is essentially a mixture of yoga and pilates, and seems like it could be a good core stability and flexibility session. In the afternoon I then decided to put in a slightly faster score for the c2 challenge series. I’m not sure whether I will try this flat out this month because I can’t catch Tim and Dave who are in the two places above me in the 30+ table, and because Chris Brett missed last month due to illness I think this is plenty to secure the bronze.

Sunday training:

60:08.4 = 16008m / 1:52.7 / 24
10mins splits:
1:55.4, 1:54.2, 1:53.0, 1:52.1, 1:51.3, 1:50.2

60 Jamie’s (erg sit ups)

16 lengths of the swimming pool

Monday training:

21097m = 1h17m10.4 / 1:49.7

2500m splits:
1:49.7, 1:49.8, 1:49.7, 1:49.8, 1:49.9, 1:49.8, 1:49.9, 1:50.0, 1:47.3

Basically a little trial to figure out how much more work I would need to do in order to row a marathon at sub 1:50 pace. It’s a tough one to judge to be honest – last year I did a marathon at 1:52.3 pace and a half at 1:46.0 pace, so a half at this pace should (and did) feel fairly comfortable. The thought of trying the sub 1:50 paced marathon is making me do a higher mileage at the moment, so it’s all good.

Tuesday training:

Today had to be a fairly short session for two reasons – I was a little tired from the 37k of the past two days, and tomorrow I’m in the heat chamber at work for the first of a series of 6 sessions.

A workout I had set many of the people I coach last week was a 600m piece at their target 2k pace for next winter, with a warm up and warm down piece either side of it (either a 3k or a 4k either side). The idea behind this session is that we will do it on average once every 2 weeks throughout the year, and increase the distance of the race pace piece by up to 100m each time. So after the first one you have 1400m to go, so 28weeks at 100m every 2 weeks to a 2k. Who can’t do just another 10 strokes after 2 weeks more training? In reality it will depend how tough people find the previous piece as to whether they increase by 100m, or as little as 10m the next time. I wanted to stay one step ahead to gauge the progression of the session better, so opted for an 800m starting point – of course I’d already done this progression up to 1500m prior to Crash B’s anyway.

15:13.2 = 4018m / 1:53.6 / 23

800m = 2:27.9 / 1:32.4 / 34

200m splits: 1:31.5/36, 1:33.0/34, 1:33.0/34, 1:32.2/34

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