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Beyond Boston

Posted by thepeteplan on February 28, 2009

Thanks for the comment on my Boston blog Rob, Alan and Jamie. Rob you are quite right in that my overall training effectiveness does suffer at time from taking part in the various team challenges. As the of the main motivators when it comes to challenges within the MAD team I have to take part in them all myself, and my competitive mentality doesn’t like to not give at least close to 100% effort in the challenges. At times the inter team challenges can provide good motivation for training when competitions are far away.

As I mentioned in the last entry, I think I picked up an illness of some sort around the time I travelled to Boston, and that affected my race. I am sure of this from the training I’ve done in the past few days since I got back.

Tuesday: (arrived back from Boston this morning)

36:26.2 = 10034m / 1:48.9 / 25


30:00.5 = 8012m / 1:52.3 / 24

Thursday: REST


11:12.1 / 3009m / 1:51.6 / 24

2500m = 8:21.7 / 1:40.3 / 31

500m splits = 1:35.4, 1:38.5, 1:40.0, 1:51.4, 1:36.5

This is the session where I really realised that I do have an illness as I really felt it in my chest, hence backing right off the pace. The decision was made here to do nothing hard until I’m fully recovered.


46:32.5 / 12514m / 1:51.6 / 26

I kept the rate deliberately high for this one as I find that it makes the overall effort level lower. My aim at the moment is to build up to a marathon (42195m) at under 1:50 pace. I don’t plan to have any great structure to my training for the next few weeks, but just to gradually build the volume. I’ve just started training in a new gym that only opened this week, and this gives me a better opportunity to supplement my training with additional aerobic training and some weights. I finished off the session today with 10 lengths in the swimming pool.

One Response to “Beyond Boston”

  1. Jeff Brock said

    Hi Pete:

    Enjoy your blog very much — I was there at CRASH-B with you, and wondered if you had also heard that the HVAC is not great in the Agganis Arena — I felt like I was in a serious oxygen tailspin in the last 250 and the whole race seemed unreasonably hard. Broke 6:30 for the first time, though (barely), so I can’t complain too much.

    Question: How do you decide on your other targets other than BIRC and WIRC — I am having trouble deciding what to train for next, though I will be doing more on-water rowing this year than last. Still, the ERG is really my main event. I was thinking of working on my 5k times… but I’ve never tried a marathon.

    Also (you’ve certainly commented on this before) but do you have a philosophy about drag factor and training?


    -Jeff Brock, Providence, RI

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