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The final week

Posted by thepeteplan on February 15, 2009


13:48.6 = 3616m / 1:54.5 / 25

1402m = 4:25.0 / 1:34.5 / 34

This was a special cross team challenge done each year in memory of a regular indoor rowing competitor who died a few years ago. I rowed it in the garage in the cold, and for that reason didn’t push too hard as hard effort + very cold = risk of bad chest in my experience.


30:06.0 = 8029m / 1:52.4 / 23

Just a steady row this morning, with the erg brought into the living room so it was a lot warmer!

The final week:

Many thanks for the comments from Merv and Tim. I am going to take your advice and tone down the final preparations for the race this week. You are right of course, there is nothing physically to gain in this final few days before the race. The reason I have prepared like this for the past few races is simple – I have tried to recreate the preparation that got me my 2k pb back at the beginning of 2004. I’ve said this before I’m sure, but my 2k pb came 1 week after we (the MAD team) set the World Record for the 100k ergo team relay. I had done a lot of sprint prep in the 2 months before. Of course it could be that my fitness was very high and I did a pb at the race the following week inspite of the hard training leading right up to the race. I did row a faster 2k in the gym about 2 months later in the course of normal training (around a second faster than that race 6:11.8.) too.

So I will ditch the 4 x 500 session on Friday in Boston in place of a good warm up then a couple of short race pace bursts. I will rest completely on both Thursday and Saturday. I will still do a sprint session tomorrow, as I do find it helps me both get the rate higher in the 2k, and get in tune with a good sprint finish. I will also keep the overall volume down a little, as I did today, with a maximum of 10k for any steady rows, and not pushing the pace at all.

Out of interest, if you’ve read this far Tim, are you the same Tim who is currently slightly ahead of me in the C2 challenge series? If so, your erg times are absolutely outstanding. If not, his erg times are absolutely outstanding – there must be a number of the 30+ lwt British distance records he (or you) could take, if you were motivated for that?

2 Responses to “The final week”

  1. Ianmacd said

    Just wanted to say thanks for your blog (am currently crawling through the beginning training schedule) and good luck.

  2. Tim said

    Good to see you’re reigning yourself in for the big race. You won’t regret it.

    And yes. Guilty as charged. I am that Tim.

    As far as Age cat lwt records go, I wasn’t going to break the 5k time because

    A: It was the day after Christmas when I rowed 5k (not possible to be lightweight) and

    B:I found out halfway through that I was coming down with Flu.

    Because of 2 weeks in bed due to that flu my 10k score was also a little off the mark, although I was on weight.

    The 2500m skinny age record I’ve also done (in order to pip someone else’s last score, ahem) but no one witnessed my weigh in, so it won’t count.

    Not to worry. I still have the Open lightweight records for 2k and 5k. And I know the power of the TAPER.

    As far as rowing is concerned, my goals are to

    1: Podium in the Concept 2 Challenge series (it’s looking to be a tight finale with about six guys knocking out for the top spots)

    2: Help Tideway Scullers to get the best result in the Head of the River Race.

    But I’ve switched codes last year, and am doing triathlon. I’m on a race team in my Tri club Thames Turbo, and look to build up to Ironman distance in Barcelona. Hence the lack of punch in the shorter events in the Challenge Series, but getting closer to the top percentages in the longer stuff.

    Anyway, good luck in Boston.

    I’ve a feeling you are going to do well.

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