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Boston and beyond

Posted by thepeteplan on February 10, 2009

It is now just over a week till I fly out to Boston for the Crash B’s. That means 8 training days left. Today was an enforced rest day as I spent the day at 21,500ft taking part in a decompression sickness experiment. My plan for the remaining days is alternating easy distance and hard intervals (as normal), but in ever decreasing rep length. The sessions will look something like this:

Wed: Steady distance

Thur: 250m reps

Fri: Steady distance

Sat: 25sec reps

Sun: Steady distance

Mon: 100m reps

Tue: Steady distance

Wed: TBD

Thur: Fly to Boston

Fri: 4 x 500m / 2min rest as race plan

Sat: rest, Sun: race

After Boston:

Initially after Boston I have a choice to make between a short sprints training period, or straight onto distance work. If I choose to go for the sprint option it will be with one simple aim – a sub 1:20 for 500m.

Either after the few weeks of sprint training, or straight after Boston, I plan to go into a period of distance work aiming to do another marathon. Last year I didn’t do any specific training for the marathon, but simply used it as a bench mark test prior to starting a half marathon training phase. I managed 1:52.3 pace for that marathon. This year I will train specifically and aim to break 1:50 pace. Unfortunately the 30-39 marathon record is the fastest of all the marathon records, and far outside my capabilities –¬†1:50 pace would put me under the 19-29 record though. There will be a sub plot to this phase of training, and I may not mention this again, so keep it quiet. I plan during this (2 to 3 month?) phase of training to do a high volume with a fair proprotion of cross training, and see what happens to my weight. I will be more careful of my diet too to assist the weight going in the right direction. I would quite like to tip the scales at under 85kg when I row the marathon. Exactly what the weight is at that point might determine the direction I go for the rest of the year….

3 Responses to “Boston and beyond”

  1. shirleygkn said

    I’ll join you with the marathon training as I haven’t recorded one for this season yet. But… my aim during that training will be an improved HM time!!

  2. merv knight said


    I do wonder why are you doing 4 x 500m, at race pace, just 48 hours before you attempt to go faster than you have ever gone before? AND on the day after a long haul flight.

    I fear that if you do 4x500m then you will undo any benefit of the tapering that you have employed. I invite you to take confidence from the fact that you’ve done 1500m at race pace in the not too distant past. On that Friday, I would recommend that you only do 300m off the blocks to reaffirm your start and 300m at your mid-race pace/rhythm, as part of a short session to get the flight out of your legs, no more. You know, as well as I do, that you are just looking to stay sharp and keep on the boil. You cannot improve your fitness at this stage but you can hamper your chances of hitting a PB.

    If you feel the need to do a longer piece/more work at race pace for your confidence/to remind you of how it feels, then do one a week before the race. Do 1000m and feel good about the piece, get off the machine knowing it felt strong and that you have hit a sustainable rhythm. Then start to wind it down before the flight.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert, but have taken up your offer to comment on what you have planned. I know that there is more than one way of skinning a cat. I hope, given all your training, that you give yourself the best chance of going as quick as possible.

  3. Tim said

    Yep. I’m with Merv. You’re not going to get any fitter doing that(4 x 500m) , only less fresh. You really wanting to be straining at the leash when the gun goes. A racing start (250m) at your prescribed race time and a pace piece(also 250m) 5 mins later will programme you to get your best result at the right time of day.

    I do pretend to be an expert, and having read your blogs, you always load up with lots of work in the run up to a big event, and then just miss out on a stellar performance. It’s always good, but on the World stage, wouldn’t you prefer it to be great?

    Good luck. I’m looking forward to seeing you PB on the internet.

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