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Challenge rowing

Posted by thepeteplan on February 4, 2009


41:04.0 = 11006m / 1:51.9 / 24

Rowed in the garage, about 1 degree C temperature. Due to the snow, and England not coping well with “extreme” weather we were sent home from work in the middle of the day, so I didn’t go to the gym before leaving. I thought I should row later on though, but it was cold.


With Boston now a little over 2 weeks away I thought I would put some scores on the board for the various challenge series’ for the month. Then I can either leave them for the month, or put in faster scores when I’m back from Boston. The first up was the CTC:

w/u = 11:11.8 / 3016m / 1:51.3 / 24

4 x 750m / 90sec rest:
2:22.4 / 1:34.9 / 35
2:22.5 / 1:35.0 / 34
2:22.5 / 1:35.0 / 34
2:24.7 / 1:36.4 / 33

3000m = 9:32.0 / 1:35.3 / 34

I thought 1:35 would be a pretty comfortable target. Perhaps I misjudged the 90second rest between reps, it really isn’t a lot. Perhaps it was the cold temperature in the garage again not letting me warm up sufficiently to actually put in a hard effort.


Back to work today, so back in the gym. It should have simply been a steady row, but I decided to cut that short and put a score down for the Concept2 challenge series.

14:53.8 = 4017m / 1:51.2 / 25

Then 2500m with the aim of 500m splits of 1:40, 1:39, 1:38, 1:37, 1:36

2500m = 8:09.6 / 1:37.9 / 31
1:39.9 / 29
1:39.0 / 31
1:38.0 / 32
1:37.0 / 32
1:35.8 / 33

1500m cool down

The plan was exactly what I ended up doing – 1:40 for the first 500m then 1sec faster each 500. I thought this would seem pretty easy, and even contemplated stepping down by 2sec each 500m. It didn’t seem as easy as I thought though. Am I setting my standards too high, is the pressure of a big race in 2 weeks time starting to show, or is there another reason I seem to be under performing on the standard I would expect on a few workouts? Don’t get me wrong, this workout wasn’t under performed, it just seemed a greater effort level than I expected. I can analyse it afterwards to see that it’s actually half of a 5k well under 5k pb pace, rowed very strictly to a negative split pace plan. That shouldn’t feel easy.

I really need to plan out exactly what session I will do over the next 14 days before I fly to Boston or my race preparation will not be ideal at all. I write training programmes for many other people, but never actually get around to putting down on paper what I’ll do myself….

One Response to “Challenge rowing”

  1. Merv Knight said


    Do you think that you might be suffering from the cumulative effect of all these sessions? I’ve no doubt that individually they are well within your capabilities but your body may have just reached that point where it needs a little less intensity on a day to day basis. Do you feel as though you allow your body to recover adequately in order to feel the benefit of the all the training you do?

    From memory (I stand corrected if I’m wrong) you had a pretty intense set of sessions in the week of the British Indoors and then felt that you failed to perform missing your target by a few seconds. Do you think you should have a taper before your race in Boston to avoid the risk of the same result?

    Obviously it is a matter for you, I simply make the observations and I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert. I’m just throwing thinks in for you to think about.

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