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2k prediction workout?

Posted by thepeteplan on January 21, 2009

One of the only workouts I have consistantly heard talk of as a good 2k predictor workout is the 6 x 500m with 1min rest session. Today’s plan was to complete this workout, tagetting my 2k pb pace of 1:33.0.

Warm up:
11:18.1 = 3009m / 1:52.6 / 25

6 x 500m / 1R:
1:32.9 / 34
1:32.8 / 34
1:32.8 / 34
1:32.8 / 34
1:33.4 / 35
1:33.4 / 34

3000m = 9:18.1 / 1:33.0 / 34
[688m in the recovery intervals, 1000m slow cool down]

If you’ve never tried this workout before, give it a go. You won’t thank me for it though. 2 reps in you think it’s easy, and you’ll be blasting the final rep way under target. 3 reps in your confidence starts to go. 4 reps in you don’t want to finish. 5 reps in you would stop if you had enough oxygen getting to your brain to make a decision. 6 reps in and your quads want to explode. Right on pb average, but a slight tail off in pace over the last 2 reps. If you get past 4 reps and you aren’t questioning both whether you’ll be able to finish, and why you’re putting yourself through this, you could have gone faster.

Finished off with the usual erg abs routine:
70 Jamie’s and 3 x 12 Waddell’s


2 Responses to “2k prediction workout?”

  1. Mike Wrenn said

    Well done Pete. The 1 min recovery makes it so much harder than 3:30 rest (see 7 Jan).
    It’s not like you to slow on the later reps so you clearly gave it 100% from the start.
    I look forward to seeing the results of your next attempt at this session!


  2. Merv Knight said

    I don’t actually think 6x500m goes far enough as a true indicator of speed. A better predictor of 2km time is a slight variation of this but is harder and, I have found, more reliable:

    6x500m, 1 min rest between each piece.
    10 mins rest
    6x500m, 1 min rest between each piece.

    Your average split after all 12 pieces will reflect your average split for 2 km.
    I would suggest you try this at your chosen split of 1.33.0

    It is a piece given to me by a guy called Tim Donovan – a former British Indoor Champion.
    I have used it for years while rowing and it stood me in good stead for my 2km tests (and for the gold medal I won at the British Indoors in 2002 as part of the NCRA entry). Chris Brett, now of the MAD team, was also part of the NCRA entry that year that won.

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