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Steady rowing, erg abs, bikes

Posted by thepeteplan on January 8, 2009

Lunchtime training today:

41:19.2 = 11103m / 1:51.6 / 25
10min splits:
1:52.2 / 25
1:51.6 / 25
1:51.4 / 25
1:51.2 / 25

Just a nice steady “just row” piece, again with 10k as a minimum. Once I got to 10k I decided to do the last couple of minutes to 40mins, and then round it out to 11k. 10% over the minimum is always good.

Erg abs routine:

I think the addition of the short erg abs routine is working and beginning to give me better core strength and definition. I increased the number of reps of each exercise today to do:

60 “Jamie’s”

3 x 12 “Waddell’s”

I’m in two minds of where to take this little addition to my erging. I could do the Jamie’s with a weight plate held on my chest for some resistance, or I could keep increasing the reps. I am inclined to keep increasing the reps because it is more akin to erging then, and I like the muscular workout and definition you get in the main rowing muscles solely from erg training, rather than heavy weight training. The core muscles are already somewhat pre-fatigued doing this workout after the erging, so it would be a different matter doing it fresh.

When I get access to a video camera I’ve made a short video of these exercises and post it so you can see exactly what I’ve doing.


I got some good winter cycling clothing for Christmas, I now need to get the motivation to use it and start cycling to work. In terms of a workout it’s not much as the ride to work is only about 3miles each way. It will take longer to get changed when I get to work than it will to get to work. 6miles a day in the car for what is an easy cycle ride still adds up on petrol and miles to the car though, so that is my main motivation. When it’s below freezing it also takes as long to clear the ice off the car in the morning as to cycle to work. The two things that put me off are the slick tyres on my road bike versus the ice and grit on the roads, and also carrying my gym training kit, and work clothes, in a rucksack on the bike. I will aim to cycle to work at least 2 days a week from next week though. I’ve said it now.

One Response to “Steady rowing, erg abs, bikes”

  1. shirleygkn said

    Saying it is the easy part (although it seems to take some courage!) Will be watching for your comments on how you stick to your intentions.

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