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Steady rowing and calorie intake

Posted by thepeteplan on January 6, 2009

Today’s training:

46:10.6 = 12508m / 1:50.7 / 25


10:00 = 1:52.0 / 25
20:00 = 1:51.3 / 25
30:00 = 1:51.0 / 25
40:00 = 1:51.1 / 25
46:10 = 1:47.1 / 25

I also did 50 “Jamie’s” and 3 x 10 “Waddell’s”. I’ve not blogged about doing these for a while, but I have been keeping up with them after probably about half my sessions.

Calorie intake:

There was a comment a couple of days ago from Paul about calorie intake, and whether rowers can eat as much as they want. I think this depends on two things – your genetics and your training volume. I have neither the genetics or the training volume to allow me to eat as much as I want – if I eat too much I get fat. Whether if I trained as much as some people I know (for example 2 to 3 hours of hard exercise per day) I could literally eat as much as I wanted I don’t know, but I also don’t have the time to try it to find out. I am sure that those athletes follow elite training schedules, and training multiple times a day buring thousands of calories through training can pretty much eat as much as they want though, as they must need as many calories as they can eat in a day. I do eat a lot of calories compared to non active people though, that’s for sure, many more than I actually burn directly from training.


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