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New year and 2009 training

Posted by thepeteplan on January 2, 2009

My first training session of the year I decided was to be a 10k as this is the concept2 challenge series distance for January. The plan was for steady 1:45’s, but this is how it went:

10k = 34:58.4 / 1:44.9 / 28

1k splits:
1:43.9 / 29
1:43.7 / 29
1:43.6 / 29
1:43.6 / 29
1:45.0 / 29
1:47.6 / 27
1:47.1 / 27
1:46.8 / 28
1:45.4 / 28
1:42.3 / 30

I have had 3 days rest from training, and 1:43’s / 1:44’s felt pretty easy at the beginning of the 10k. When you’re used to a certain level of fatigue in your legs each time you train after a few days rest it can feel very easy to begin with. Despite thinking for the first 3k or so that I could just gently negative split through the 10k for a new pb, I had to begin backing off the pace a little from 4k, and rather than risk wanting to stop completely I back off from half way and then negative split over the second half, aiming for the just sub 35min time that was my original plan for the session.

Why 3 days complete rest? My wife and I decided to go away for new year, and staying at a great b&b in south west Wales for 2 nights to bring in the new year in style. It was great. The b&b has only been open about 4 months, and the room we stayed in was perfect. We had lots of fancy food, some good wine, and even a walk along the beach on new year’s eve (it was cold, but still very good). All in all a great trip, and rather than write any more now I will post a few photos sometime in the next couple of days.

I have no big training or racing plans for 2009 currently, I’ll just keep going the way I am while I’m enjoying training. I have not decided either way yet whether I will go to Boston, but as it’s only about 7 weeks away now I guess I really do need to decide soon. Perhaps I will do the next in the race pace progressions in the next few days and see where things currently stand as to progress to a fast 2k.

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