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A pain in the finger

Posted by thepeteplan on December 27, 2008

Training today:

36mins = 10010m / 1:47.9 / 26

This was going to be a longer steady distance row but I was getting cramping in the tendon of my left ring finger from early in the row, and although moving my grip around and stretching out my left hand occasionally stopped it getting any worse, I thought cutting the row short was best for today. I had been working in the garden for a couple of hours before going to the gym cutting and laying patio stones, so I might have aggravated it doing something there.

Answers to recent comments:

Shirley comments on my entry a few days ago that you can often tell before a session whether it will go well or not, and I completely agree. I think the main problem on more intense sessions is that if you’re not feeling 100% before the session it is all too easy to cut the warm up short either in duration or intensity – so yes, I do think the warm up was slightly too slow. It would have been plenty if I was feeling better, but I think more warm up is needed when you’re not feeling ideal.

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