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Tabata to rescue the session?

Posted by thepeteplan on December 20, 2008

1k warm up = 1:53.7 / 24

2500m = 1:41.0 / 30
500m splits = 1:37.7, 1:41.0, 1:41.0, 1:42.1, 1:42.9

2500m = 1:51.3 / 23 (155drag)

25 erg sit ups

Tabata intervals (8 x 20sec / 10sec rest):
1:26.2 / 42
1:28.4 / 39
1:29.2 / 39
1:29.2 / 39
1:29.2 / 39
1:30.9 / 36
1:29.2 / 39
1:30.0 / 39

2min40 = 901m / 1:28.7 / 39

I warmed up a little, then thought I’d try a 5k really attacking the start before crusing the middle. Strangely enough that doesn’t feel nearly as controlled as doing steady 1:41’s. Then I thought I’d try out a bit of max drag rowing, which turned out to be only 155 with the c-breeze on, but 1:51’s were easy – it felt very sluggish with such a slow drive though. It was a bit of a nothing session at that point, so to resurrect something from it I thought I would try out the tabata intervals. 901m at a slower pace than my 1k pb! Either the 10sec ‘rest’ is actually detrimental to the pace you can do, or you should keep rowing through the rest period (though that would be detrimental to the effects of the session I think), or the preceeding 6k of rowing was more than just a gentle warm up….

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