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Building to the 2k

Posted by thepeteplan on December 18, 2008

Although I did the last piece in the progression to the 2k on Monday this week, constraints today meant that the best session was to do the next in the series. Monday was 1150m, so today went like this:

4k warm up = 1:53.7 / 24

1250m = 3:49.4 / 1:31.7 / 36
200m = 1:29.7 / 40
400m = 1:31.7 / 38
600m = 1:32.2 / 36
800m = 1:32.5 / 36
1000m = 1:32.2 / 36
1200m = 1:32.2 / 36
1250m = 1:31.0 / 33

To recap on the plan for these pieces – they are not flat out test pieces, but targetted pace in a progression to the Crash B’s world indoor rowing championship 2k piece in February. The idea is to push myself out of the habit of cruising 2k races sub maximally, and so by keeping the pressure on throughout the piece, and only increasing the distance by 100m each week, it always seems manageable. The idea is also to condition myself to a cruising rate of 36spm through the middle of the 2k. So for this piece, and onwards, the plan is always to set 200m splits and keep each one at or below 1:32.5, the pace needed for a 6:10 for 2k.

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