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C2 challenge 5k

Posted by thepeteplan on December 17, 2008

I had a first go at the C2 challenge 5k on 3rd Dec simply going at 1:42’s then gently negative splitting. I didn’t look at the time before going to the gym this morning, which turned out looking back now to be 16:52.4 (1:41.2 / 30).

I didn’t have time for a long session at 11am today due to work stuff, so decided a 5k would be a good choice of session. Not knowing what time I’d done last time I decided to go for a fast start, then 1:40.x to 2k to go and negative split from there. It turned out like this:

500m splits:
1:38.4 / 33
1:40.4 / 32
1:40.5 / 32
1:40.6 / 32
1:40.5 / 32
1:41.0 / 31
1:43.3 / 30
1:44.9 / 29
1:43.8 / 29
1:40.3 / 31

5k = 16:53.7 / 1:41.3 / 31

I deliberately tried to keep the rate high to keep it light and have plenty left for the end. I went through 2k on 1:39.9, and through half way at 1:40.0. My mind wasn’t in the hard push from 2k out today unfortunately, so I eased right off from 2k to go instead – pretty reasonable time considering that. Plenty of time for another go, and I’m sure I’ll at least get under 16:40. When I set my pb the last 500m was 1:34, so I was only on for about a 16:39 till 500m to go.

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