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The Hurt Box

Posted by thepeteplan on December 8, 2008

Following the Cardiff race I really needed to find a method to push the pace on my 2k’s to the sort of pace I really should be rowing them at. That didn’t stop me first trying to row a 2k again on the Sunday, but we’ll not talk about that one. Immediately following the 2k I decided on my method to work up to a fast 2k in Boston.

Step 1: 750m; plan first 500m @ 1:30, last 250m fast.

Execution: 750m = 2:13.1 / 1:28.7 / 41
250m splits: 1:29.4, 1:30.2, 1:26.8

Step 2: 1000m; plan first 800m @ 1:31, last 200m fast.

Execution: I decided that from this point on I will set 2k on the clock and paddle the remaining distance, therefore:
200m splits on the 2k:
1:29.7 / 42
1:31.0 / 38
1:31.5 / 38
1:31.5 / 38
1:30.2 / 37
2:11.7 / 26
1:57.7 / 27
1:46.2 / 30
1:39.0 / 32
1:38.7 / 32

So I hit 800m at just under 1:31.0 and pushed on for the final 200m before dropping to a paddle. A quick recovery meant that I then increased the pace again towards the end, and ended with a 6:43.0.

So the plan from here is to keep increasing the distance I do at the fast pace, probably stepping up by 100m a time from here.

Part 2 will be to re-find the key to the “hurt box” on some of the middle to long distance pieces, more detail of that later.

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