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45mins at low drag

Posted by thepeteplan on November 28, 2008

Again I wasn’t feeling great this morning so I didn’t take any gym kit to work to avoid the temptation of going to the gym. Again after work I then decided again to go for a quick trip to Fitness FIrst, and a “just row” distance row. They’re starting to annoy me now telling me that someone is coming to clean the ergs. I tell them it’s not hard to do themselves. Soon I will do it myself. So I fitted the c-breeze, pushed the resistance up to 10 (and checked the drag, 120!) and set off.

45:15.3 = 12503m / 1:48.5 / 26
10:00 = 1:49.5
20:00 = 1:49.2
30:00 = 1:49.0
40:00 = 1:48.4
45:00 = 1:44.8

I feel much better after the row, and I think after a couple of good nights sleep over the weekend I will be fully cured of whatever has been lingering. Well, unless I train too hard over the weekend, which is a very real possibility…

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