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And some more steady rowing…

Posted by thepeteplan on November 27, 2008

I have had a bit of a head cold for 2 days now. Nothing serious, but enough to make me think I should take a rest day yesterday. Well I rested at lunchtime, my normal training time, anyway. After arriving home from work I decided to just go for a short session in Fitness First though before dinner. Unfortunately the ergs there aren’t kept clean, despite them telling me a week ago they would be cleaning them, so the maximum drag I could get was 120.

As with recent steady rows I put the c-breeze on, hit “just row”, and set off. As with Tuesday I didn’t feel great to begin with but once through 5k started to feel better in the head:

43:57.5 / 12006m / 1:49.8 / 25

And finished off with the now normal 50 Jamie’s.


One Response to “And some more steady rowing…”

  1. Jamie Pfeffer said

    This piece may have been even more impressive than the 40-minute negative-split row the following day. Keeping the split sub 1:50 on a “just row” — when you’re fighting a cold — is an inspiring session. Your long rows have built a great aerobic engine. When you were in New York, we should have had the full body-composition and VO2 max analysis done. Then we would have it done again in February, and compare the results. It’s no problem, though. We can still do it in February. Then, a few months later, you can have them test you at the gym that opens in March. It’s a safe bet that your body fat level will be low in February. Even at New York Camp I, I noticed a difference in your physique from Day 1 to Day 8.

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