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Under the weather

Posted by thepeteplan on November 25, 2008

Perhaps yesterday’s session just took its toll today, perhaps I have caught a slight cold, or perhaps I just needed a day off today. My motivation was low at lunchtime for training, and I did a “just row” session all the same, and feeling better through it managed:

30mins = 8050m / 1:51.9 / 24

I left it at 30mins because I know I need to take it easy today. I then finished off with 55 Jamie’s and 2 x 10 Waddell’s. Speaking of these erg exercises, I keep getting the odd message asking what they are. I did describe them in one blog entry a week or two ago, but I will describe them again now, and add a full description to a blog page in due course soon (I’ll let you know when I do).


There are effectively erg sit ups. I call them Jamie’s as Jamie P showed me how to do them when I was in New York. Essentially all you need to do is sit on the erg, feet strapped in, legs almost straight but not locked knees. Then place your hands crossed over your chest, and lay slowly back until you’re about parallel with the floor, then sit up again, and repeat.


I call these Waddell’s as I saw Rob Waddell performing then on a Xeno Muller youtube video – I said before I would find this video and post a link – I will do that when I put a new blog page up describing them. Here what you want to do is get in a press up (push up) position with your hands on the floor about 45cm behind the erg, and toes on the erg seat. For a single rep simply slide the seat away from you until you are stretched out in a full press up position, then slide the seat back towards you to compress your legs into your body.

I am doing these two exercises most days after my erg session as a bit of additional core work to that provided by normal erg work. Your core muscles of course are a vital aspect of your erging performance, as the power generated by your legs has to pass through your core to get to the handle, and thus the flywheel. With a weak core you just end up damping out the effort put in by your legs, and lose power, and so speed.

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