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A leap into the unknown

Posted by thepeteplan on November 24, 2008

Ok, a leap is probably stretching it a little, perhaps just a little step into the unknown.

Last week’s session was 4 x 6mins / 5mins rest, where I managed to get all reps just under 1:40 pace. I spoke to a friend and fellow indoor rower on the phone that afternoon and he thought it was a good session, and I said I’d never quite managed to get 4 x 2k under 1:40 pace, despite trying a few times. Today’s session was scheduled as 3 x 8mins / 6min rest – 2mins per rep further than last week, and the same total duration split into 3 reps rather than 4. The pace I assigned for most people doing this session this week is 1 to 2 seconds slower than the 6min reps from last week, depending how close to the limit I thought they were last week. For me that meant 1:41.x for these reps today. I thought I would push the boundaries a little though and shoot for the same pace as last week:

8mins warm up = 2134m / 1:53.0 / 25

3 x 8mins / 6min rest:
2402m / 1:39.9 / 31
2400m / 1:40.0 / 31
2382m / 1:40.7 / 31

Totals: 24mins = 7185m / 1:40.2 / 31

That was a tough session. 2400m per rep is a long way further than 1800m a rep. I got through the first two reps at pace by convincing myself that I can do 5k straight at that pace, so I must be able to do 4800m in two reps. The third was tough though as my head felt like it was going to explode – I started off the same way with 5 hard strokes, then settling to pace. I kept it just under the 1:40 average to about 2mins, then pulled 1:41’s for most of the rest of the rep, just trying to keep mentally strong and not give in. 1:40.2 is a pretty good average for the session I think, and I’m glad I hit the 1:40 for the first two reps rather than aiming for 1:41’s from the start.

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