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Steady hour

Posted by thepeteplan on November 22, 2008

60mins = 16216m / 1:51.0 / 24

10min splits: 1:52.3, 1:51.7, 1:51.0, 1:50.9, 1:51.0, 1:49.1

Very dusty ergs in fitness first, so this was done on max drag of 120! Set off as a just row, eased into it over the first 20mins, then held a steady 1:51 before bringing the average down over the final 10mins to break 16.2k.

Finished off with 50 Jamie’s and 3 x 10 Waddell’s.

My fitness over these longer distance ergs is feeling very good now. This pace and duration feels quite light, and is noticably well below anaerobic threshold as my breathing stays light throughout. This week has been a very good week of training beginning with a very nearly 17k hour, a solid 4 x 6min all under 1:40 pace, and the 6:19.7 for 2k yesterday as part of an interval session. A solid hour today to finish the week off, and the training is definitely going in the right direction.


3 Responses to “Steady hour”

  1. shirleygkn said

    I agree, a jolly good 2 weeks training in fact – fitness on track here too which is a plus. Countdown now eh Pete?

  2. Jamie Pfeffer said

    I think this is the best week that you’ve had since you started this blog. That should raise your confidence. Boston is exactly three months away. You and Shirley are going to be great there.

  3. kemerykane said

    You are right, indeed…you are *definitely* headed in the right direction!!! I am SO crossing my fingers hoping I’ll be able to come to Boston and see you smash it.

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