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More distance work

Posted by thepeteplan on November 16, 2008

It seems so much more time efficient to get on the erg, start rowing, then when you’ve had enough stop again. That’s just what I did this morning:

40mins = 10845m / 1:50.8 / 25spm

But I need to get back into doing a few interval sessions, as although it seems like little rowing time for the actual time commitment in the gym, they are essential for rowing fast 2k’s.

Does anyone read this?

It’s good to keep a blog to keep track of the training I’m doing, it’s even better to think that someone is reading it as you don’t then want to report a bad session, or worse still a missed session. So does anyone actually read this? It is very simple to reply to an entry, and please feel free to do so with any comments or questions you might have, or just to share your own training experiences.


You may have noticed that it has been some time since I mentioned any cycling in my blog, be it on the road, or on the turbo trainer. Road cycling it’s not surprising as it gets closer to winter – it’s pretty much dark when I leave work now, so cycling to work isn’t too appealing. However, I do have some good lights for my bike, and I did initially buy it for commuting to work, so I really should try to do that at least occasionally. As for the turbo, that may well make a re-entry into my training again soon for a bit of variety in the aerobic work. It’s difficult to justfy training on the turbo when the erg sits next to it at home, as it’s just not the same level of workout, or obviously not as specific to my goals.

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