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60mins and Matthew Pinsent

Posted by thepeteplan on November 14, 2008

I didn’t have time to train at lunchtime today, so it was left to a living room session after work. I just hit “just row” and set off, starting at 1:50’s but with a lighter stroke (higher rate). It felt good, and I just gradually negative split it through:

60mins = 16704m / 1:47.8 / 27

I have finished reading Matthew Pinsent’s autobiography this week that Jamie lent me. It’s quite a motivational read for anyone who hasn’t read it. He comments on how he’d never seen Steve Redgrave quit on an erg session, even when he was ill. At times Steve’s pace (when he was ill) could slow right down, but he would just never quit.

Other interesting observations from the book were that the questions on Question of Sport are known by the people on there before, so none of them look stupid – they often fixed the results of public erg races (remember when he and Cracknell finished 0.1 away from each other at BIRC?) to take it in turns winning, and not make anyone look slow – Pinsent used to throw up before most of his best races, if the nerves weren’t there he didn’t perform as well.

I can relate strongly to the last one. My best erg races have been the ones that I’m really up for, when the adrenelin is flowing strongly. BIRC this year wasn’t like that, the nerves weren’t there to give me the edge. Pinsent talked about simply not feeling the pain when they were in a race and really up for it and performing well, I don’t think the erg is any different. This is what “the zone” is in my opinion – the effort is not any easier, you can just block out the pain. That’s why people end up getting ill when they’re training really well, because the efforts just don’t feel as hard while you’re doing them, but gradually wear you down until you get ill or injured. I just need to figure out how to get the right balance of nerves and adrenelin when it comes to the race in Boston in February.

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