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More “just row” -ing

Posted by thepeteplan on November 10, 2008

It was my first day back at work today after 2 weeks off. I didn’t want to stay late, so I sacrificed my lunchtime gym session in favour of a short evening session at home. I didn’t have time for too much, so did another “just row” steady distance session:

41mins = 11125m / 1:50.5 / 25

The last two were 40mins, so I decided just to go a little further. Still pleased with these rows as they have been consistently over 10k, which is my usual steady distance piece. If I had time today I would have carried on longer.

After that I went to rejoin our commercial gym for my wife and myself, Fitness First. We were members there until about January this year, when we quit because we just didn’t use it much. We want the option of a gym to go to again though (rather than the erg and turbo at home, or my work gym). I negotiated a much smaller than normal joining fee, and 2 months free, which is effectively equivalent to no joining fee and a full month for free for the two of us, which is ok. It’ll be good to have a good commercial gym to use again.

I forgot to open any windows during the row tonight, so it was quite sweaty. I finished off with 50 “Jamie’s” and 10 “Waddell’s” on the erg. I’ll post a youtube link to these two exercises when I find them, unless Jamie has it handy? Both were taken from youtube training clips posted by Xeno Muller. The “Jamie’s” are effectively full sit up with your feet still strapped into the erg – just sit back a little on the seat, and lean back till you’ll back is parellel to the rail, then sit up again. The “Waddell’s” are an exercise I saw Rob Waddell doing on one of Xeno’s training clips. Get in a press up position with hands on the floor behind the erg, and toes on the erg seat. Then roll the seat up the rail to compress the legs fully, and back down the rail to fully straighten to a press up position. If you’re into hand core exercises like Jamie, you could add a press up between each one.

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