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40mins steady

Posted by thepeteplan on November 8, 2008

Why is it that jetlag always hits on the second night back? Despite sleeping well on the first night back, last night I just couldn’t get to sleep (so read most of the second half of Matthew Pinsent’s autobiography). Due to the lack of sleep, and generally not feeling like doing much this morning, we decided to ditch going to the rugby in the rain today. If it was a bigger game we would have gone still. Instead I sent a text to a few people who might be able to use the tickets, and luckily someone was able to so they weren’t wasted.

This afternoon I visited the gym for another steady row – fitted the c-breeze, hit “just row”, and just rowed:

40mins = 11056m / 1:48.7 / 26

I was going to carry on longer, but I’m happy to go anything over 10k on these steady rows for now.

I then finished off with a shortened version of Jamie’s erg based abs routine.


One Response to “40mins steady”

  1. Jamie Pfeffer said

    That’s very fast for a just-row 40-minute piece (and a jet-lagged one at that). I’m glad that you like the abs routine. When I do the exercises, I definitely feel, and see, that my core is stronger. And, by the end of The Camp, I noticed a clear difference in your core and upper-body muscles.

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