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A week in photos

Posted by thepeteplan on November 6, 2008

I am back in England now, sitting in a packed university Starbucks while my wife is at work. It’s 5.30pm, but feels like midnight because of the jetlag. My body still feels fatigued from the training load while I’ve been in New York, so I’m confident that after 48hours rest I will be stronger and fitter than before, and ready to push on with the training to the world championships, the Crash B’s, on Sunday 22nd February 2008. (The Crash B’s are so called as an acronym for the Charles River All Star Has Been’s, for anyone who doesn’t know. They take place in Boston, MA, USA each February, and began as an event for the Boston rower to take part in while the Charles river is frozen over in the winter.)

I took quite a few photos while I was away in New York. Unfortunately none include any people (always a mistake on holiday photos, I will have to make amends in February), and none have any relation to training. But it’s my blog, so I’ll post some photos if I want to!

The view from Jamie and Laurie’s apartment on the 37th floor over the Hudson river was amazing – why climb to the top of the Empire state building when you can see it from your bedroom window?


There may have been a pumpkin shortage in UK this year due to the weather, but there didn’t seem to be one outside the Rockefeller center:


As Halloween finished it was time for the marathon, and here we are just coming up to the finish line (behind the camera though, sorry):


The site of the former world trade center, and one of the main professions it seems in Manhattan – construction workers:


The statue of liberty:


And Central Park nestled between the high rise office buildings:


It rained a little on my first day there, and it rained on the way to the airport on Wednesday afternoon, but other than that the weather has been great the whole time I’ve been away. In total Jamie and I did 8 erg sessions in 8 days, which for me consisted of a hard 5k, a 5 x 5mins interval session, 2 x 10ks, a 3 x 20mins, and 3 x 60min rows. On top of this we did a 5k treadmill run, and a couple of sessions in the swimming pool. I probably walked 20 to 30miles around Manhattan during the week too.

So now it is just 15 weeks from Sunday to the Crash B’s world indoor rowing championship. The plan is to fly to New York a day or two before the competition and take a road trip up to Boston with Jamie and Laurie. Then we (my wife and I) can spend a week relaxing in New York after the competition. So 15weeks to build on the fitness gained over the past week of training, and another attempt to improve on my 4 year old 2k pb. As usual, progress on the training will be posted here most days, hopefully see some of you in Boston in February.

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