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Day 7: 3 x 20mins

Posted by thepeteplan on November 4, 2008

Day 7 of the New York training camp today, with just one final workout to come tomorrow before the flight home. Today’s was an “easy” workout, 3 x 20mins at varying drag.

20mins = 1:53.9 / 23 @ 130drag

20mins = 1:51.4 / 24 @ 200drag

20mins = 1:53.9 / 23 @ 115drag

The first was done at normal drag with an aim of 1:54. The second max drag again with an aim of 1:54, but every time I looked over Jamie was pulling 1:51’s, so I had no choice but to speed up. The final rep it was hard for the first couple of minutes to accelerate fast enough on the drive due to the vastly lower drag, but once into the rep it felt good. Finished off with some abs and weights work as we have done most days. I think Jamie’s splits were 1:53.6, 1:51.8, 1:54.1, each in the identical number of strokes as mine.

What will be our final workout tomorrow? I don’t think we will decide until the morning. It won’t be a pb attempt at any distance because as the 8th straight day of fairly hard sessions it wouldn’t be possible for me to pb at anything.


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