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90mins and a 10k

Posted by thepeteplan on November 3, 2008

Fatigue is beginning to set in I think on the Pete and Jamie training camp. The sixth straight day of training, with nothing really resembling a recovery session, was set as a hard 10k. I figured 1:45 would be a good pace for me, but that I’d start at 1:48 and negative split. Even at 1:48 I badly wanted to handle down from 2k in, but struggled through for a 1:47.1 average feeling tired from start to finish.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that I forgot to set my watch back an hour on Saturday night when the clocks changed here, so when I turned up at the gym 30mins before I was meant to meet Jamie from work at 4pm, it was in fact 2.30pm. 90mins is a long time to kill in the gym.

The other problem with not knowing for the rest of the day that it’s actually an hour earlier than it says on your watch is that you eat lunch an hour early, and think you have a lot less time than you actually do. I walked a long way this morning, but did wonder why it took me over 2 hours to get from here to where I had lunch in Whole Foods in the Time Warner shopping center on the corner of central park. Luckily I’m always hungry, so having lunch at what would actually have been 1115 was ok. I then carried on my walk half way up central park to the natural history museum, and had a walk around there before cutting across the park back to 5th avenue. There is a great running lake in the middle of the park, if I had shorts with me I would have done a loop of it. I don’t know whether there are normally that many runners going around, or whether it is marathon fever from yesterday – the gym was very busy tonight too (noone else on the ergs of course though)

So there is definitely a lot of fatigue in my legs currently (Jamie’s too, but he may just be saying that to make me feel better), and tomorrow will have to be an easy session. 60mins (or 3 x 20mins) no faster than 1:54 perhaps? We may try a Xeno session changing drag for each of the 20min segments, has anyone tried that before? Low, high and normal perhaps.

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Marathon / 60mins

Posted by thepeteplan on November 3, 2008

I spent the morning today watching the New York marathon. I watched the whole of the elite women’s and men’s races on tv, even though I am in New York, what’s up with that? We were then going to walk to watch some of the mass of runners towards the end, but decided that our time was better spent going to the gym instead.

60mins = 16000m / 1:52.5 / 24spm

I was concentrating so hard on trying to hit 16000m exactly (which I was quite impressed at doing) that I didn’t notice Jamie pull ahead of me and hit closer to 16100. As we rowed stroke for stroke the whole way at 24spm it is of course not on being beaten by a lightweight, so I will have to get my revenge tomorrow. Of course today was meant to be an easy row.

It looks like Crash B’s is on for February 22nd in Boston. I have only competed at the world indoor rowing championships once before in 2004 in the open event, coming 31st in a time of 6:15.4. This time I think I will come to New York for some acclimatisation first, then we’ll make a road trip up to Boston for the race. I’m looking forward to it already. I need to build on the great fitness foundation I have been getting over the past few days here in New York with all the 60min rows, and keep that going for a while longer before some more speed work. It is probably only 15weeks give or take one until Sunday 22nd February 2009. Is anyone else reading this planning on going too?

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