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BIRC Splits and New York

Posted by thepeteplan on October 30, 2008

BIRC 2k splits:

6:17.4 = 1:33.2, 1:34.2, 1:35.0, 1:34.9

I really must have had an off day as I wasn’t even on for pb pace in the first 500m. I think though, as others commented, that the start sequence took a fair bit of time out of the first 500m this year, as the pace I pulled would certainly have been under a 1:33 average for the first 500m.

New York:

Following BIRC I flew out to New York on Tuesday afternoon (now Thursday morning here) to stay with Jamie P and his wife. Our first New York training session was yesterday afternoon in Jamie’s work gym in the Rockefeller plaza:

60mins = approx 16400m / 1:49.9 / 25spm

This was a pretty tiring row with a little jetlag from the day before, dehydration from flying, and 3 hours of walking around Manhattan before.

The sun is shining this morning (unlike a lot of yesterday) as I look out of the apartment window south down the Hudson river, but I’m sure it is still cold out. I feel sorry for the people running the New York marathon on Sunday (I think we are going to watch) as I’d not want to be out in shorts and t-shirt in this cold. Saying that, if I was going to run 26miles it would need to be cold the amount I can sweat, not that I will ever run 26miles.

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