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The lesser of two evils

Posted by thepeteplan on October 17, 2008

Which is more painful to watch for a long time, the performance monitor on your erg, or a projection screen with powerpoint slide after powerpoint slide? The lack of blog entries this week has been due to me being on a course from Tuesday to Thursday, 8 hours each day of powerpoint lectures plus an hour drive at each end of the day, not conducive to training, never mind blogging about training. But what training have I done since my last blogged session on October 7th?

Thursday 9th:

1000, 1500, 1000, 1500, 1000 / 4min rest; Target = 1:39 for 1k’s, 1:40 for 1500’s

1000m = 3:17.8 / 1:38.9 / 31
1500m = 4:59.6 / 1:39.8 / 30
1000m = 3:17.7 / 1:38.8 / 31
1500m = 4:59.1 / 1:39.7 / 31
1000m = 3:05.2 / 1:32.6 / 36

Totals = 19:39.4 / 1:38.2 / 31 / 6000m

There is no typo on the final 1000m there, I was in the zone that day.

Monday 13th:

1k warm up = 1:50.4

10 x 25sec / 95sec rest:
152m / 1:21.9 / r43-45 = all 10 reps the same metres and pace
1526m of work intervals, 2571m of active rest

A high intensity interval session (taken from the HIIT page on this blog). The pace turned out to be the same across all reps, though the PM actually listed it as 1:22.2 in the memory as it simply calculates what 152m in 25seconds equates to, but they were all 1:21.9 at the end of the rep. A good solid session, and the training effect I was after.

Wednesday 15th:

2k = 1:40.0 / 31

5 x 400m / 1min rest:
1:13.7 / 1:32.1 / 37
1:13.9 / 1:32.3 / 35
1:13.9 / 1:32.3 / 36
1:13.8 / 1:32.2 / 36
1:13.9 / 1:32.3 / 36

Total: 2k = 6:09.2 / 1:32.3 / 36

A fairly short session with no real plan to it. The session should have been 4 x 1500m, but it was late evening after the course all day, and the drive back to work. I managed to snap the elastic on my c-breeze, and as I was tired anyway I ditched the planned session.

Friday 17th:

5 x 750m / 3min rest (target = 1:34.0)
2:20.8 / 1:33.8 / 34
2:20.8 / 1:33.8 / 34
2:20.8 / 1:33.8 / 34
2:20.9 / 1:33.9 / 34
2:20.8 / 1:33.8 / 34

11:44.1 / 1:33.8 / 34

Last time I did this session I targetted too fast a pace (sub 1:33) and slowed badly in the last couple of reps. This time I thought about it more, and how the session should relate to 2k pace, hence picking a target 1sec slower than my 2k pb pace. It was a tough session, tougher than it looks from the even splits.

British Indoor Rowing Championships:

Basically a week of training left before BIRC. The last two weeks haven’t been ideal only training every couple of days, but I have done enough of the hard sessions that I won’t have lost anything by missing the steady distance sessions (I hope). Next week is a slight taper, but still 3 solid sessions to go (hopefully with a bit of steady distance between). My race is at 1645, which isn’t too bad. At least it means I don’t have to make an early start to get to Birmingham, but it means I’ll be back fairly late. The racing timetable isn’t ideal with the adult races split by the kids races in the middle of the day. So I won’t be there early enough to watch most of the people I coach, which is a real shame. But I have to do what’s best for my own race, and sitting around the NIA all day isn’t best. So I will turn up about 3pm, warm up sometime just after 4pm, and then see what I can produce in the race. 6th last year, perhaps a place or 3 higher this year?

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