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Posted by thepeteplan on October 5, 2008

As someone commented to me at Newark yesterday that they were following our PP08 training in preparation for BIRC, and were a bit lost when I didn’t blog what I was doing for a week, I will try to post a quick summary of what I will be doing each week from now to BIRC. Though if I’m not actually coaching you then it’s the risk you take I’m afraid. 😉

Monday: 8 x 500m / 3:30 rest

Wednesday: 1k, 1500m, 1k, 1500m, 1k / 4min rest – 1500’s as the pace of normal 4 x 1500 sessions, 1k’s a second or two faster pace – I may swap in another go at the CTC (500,1k,2k,1k,500 / 2R) if I feel good though, although I did say I didn’t think I could do it any faster. The CTC is a brilliant training session though.

Friday: 2500m – first 2k 5seconds slower than current maximal 2k pace, last 500 flat out.

Steady distance pieces on the between days. We will put in one of two pure sprint sessions over the final 2 weks then, though I will make those optional with alternatives, because some people won’t want to risk injury for the small added benefit they will give us.

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